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Monday, October 4, 2010

Rugs, rugs, rugs!

The pictures above and in this post are the hand-knotted Persian rugs we have around our house.  By the way...I have a great source here in Nashville....and buy them at a very low price and would be glad to share with anyone here in Nashville.

But I do adore hand-knotted Persian let me clarify...not a huge fan, personally, of the burgundy and navy colors (nor the machine made variety)...but I do love the mauves, greens, light blues, pinks and neutral colors in many of the versions.

These rugs add so much to a room and combine so well with updated fabrics/upholstery...and they really ground the room and add a wonderful feature!

I most likely started to like hand-knotted oriental rugs when my mother "dragged" me as a young girl to Farmville, Virginia...several times!  Farmville, VA is known for having warehouses full of wholesale-priced Oriental rugs...and my mother loves them...and so we went!

Click {here} for a wonderful Washington Post article 
on Farmville and home furnishings/oriental rug bargains!

Warehouse after warehouse of stacks and stacks of oriental rugs...flipping through them (which is not easy or quick to do)...looking at them from all different angles and so forth!  But as my mother's only girl...this is something I had to do!

But it helped develop my own love for these rugs too....and when I found my source here in Nashville (which I would be glad to share with anyone here)...I started to collect them.   

A wonderful that seeing these rugs around our home will always remind me of those mother-daughter trips to Farmville when I was young...which makes them even more meaningful to me!

I believe that using items in your decor that remind you of where you came from...but are tweaked to fit your own tastes a wonderful way to create a very meaningful home!

*Update: After receiving several emails...{here} is the link to my source in Nashville...hope you all find some great rugs!

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I just put an old persian rug in my family room that used to be in the guest bedroom. I'm trying to mix things up and it really cozies up the space!

Anonymous said...

These rugs are absolutely gorgeous! I've been looking here where I live (Northern Ca) but, have yet to find anything that really gets my attention :( I'm sure to have luck one day, I hope lol xoxoxo ~Ashley