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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hey Nashville!

Just visited the store that used to be called "A Second Time Around"...
and now is "Consign 2 Design"...located on Sidco Drive - right next to 
The Fabric House.

All pictures are off their facebook {here} for the page!

  I always went to "Second Time Around" due to their loads of consigned drapes....they would have absolutely beautiful and high quality drapes all the time...I found a pair of my mint julep silk panels from the Curtain Exchange...never used...half the price...among their selection! I went by yesterday...and saw that they have completely changed from just consigned drapes and wallpaper to consigned furniture, small decor items and drapes...and no longer have their wallpaper area. this carved bamboo chest...I think it is gone...
but it is good to see they get pieces like this!

  They had some great stuff!!

Did not see this may not be there anymore...
but what a great fixture!

...these are ready to be re-upholstered...
and were there yesterday!! many consignment stores...every 30 or so days a piece is there....the price goes down a certain percentage-- forgot what it ask if you go there!

Take care,

Caroline {here} for their facebook page!

Other favorite home decor consignment stores in Nashville:

The Stock Market
The Clearing House

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Leah said...

What an amazing shop! I love that hanging light fixture!