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Friday, October 8, 2010

Sky's the Limit!

The Green Space article in this month's Traditional Home was unexpected to me and something that I just loved!

"If you think earth-friendly design is earth-tones, you haven't seen interior designer Toby Fairley in action."  

This quote caught addition to the mixture of orange and mint in this energy-efficient show house she designed!

She uses vintage, flea market and inherited finds...and paints them in a colorful palette as a way to be environmentally savvy!  She uses low and no-VOC paints...and organic fabrics in her re-furbishing to continue to stay environmentally friendly.

...and the mixture of color she amazing...fresh and so very unique!

A quote from Tobi....

"People are looking for ways to take older things and make them fresh again.  That's a lot of what drove my design for this space.  Recycling makes for more interesting interiors, too.  Nobody else is going to have your grandmother's furniture painted chartreuse.  That is going to add so much personality to a space."

One thing to keep perspective on all of she does note that not everything in the room is sustainable....but that is perfectly I say....lets not get carried away!

She adds that Green Design does not have to be "all or nothing"...just infusing some of it into your decor will help the environment and will add personality and uniqueness to your design...all at once!

Re-use, Re-cycle items that you love...and Enjoy!

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images courtesy of Traditional Home and Tobi Fairley


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I enjoyed this article too. Those coral-painted frames have so much impact!

Anonymous said...

This was so refreshing, it's amazing how such unique color blends can mold a persons day and I do believe this has molded mine to be FABULOUS! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Loved this article too! I try to do my best - not as green as Kermit, but I try! Happy Weekend!! xoxo