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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, Charleston!! of my favorite places!!

...just returned from a recent vacation to Charleston...and I loved the doors, window boxes, gardens, iron-work, courtyards, architecture...I could go on...
...and have many more pictures to share! the green!

Take care,



Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! So much beauty and such lucky! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Grant and I dream of living there someday. J'adore Charleston.
xo Elizabeth

Lisa said...

I grew up in Charleston- on James Island. I love to go home and play tourist. My husband and I always take a day to explore downtown- new art galleries, restaurants, and mainly, the houses. Such a beautiful place. The Ashley and Cooper Rivers were named for Lord Ashley Cooper, one of the 8 Lord Proprietors governing the Carolinas- my 11th great-uncle. Makes me special, huh?!
Thanks for the pics- I awoke to lots of snow this morning and strolling the streets with the fig vine and flower boxes take me home!

Lisa said...

PS. I have a daughter, Caroline- named for my 4th greatgrandmother. Love that name. And I LOVE Virginia- have a 4th greatgrandfather buried there from the Civil War. Visited the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg to find him. I've always thought if I didn't live in SC I'd live in Virginia. But I'm in Utah- also beautiful, but lacking old architecture and Trees. But we have great barefootin grass and gorgeous mountains and snow.