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Monday, October 25, 2010


Coco & Kelly had a wonderful post on Sixx Design last week...

Click {here} for the interview


I just love Robert & Cortney's collected and colorful look!


Also...they give some wonderful advice on design in the interview.


The above picture stood out to me (with the quote) especially after my husband and I attended
the benefit gala for Nashville's art museum on Saturday night with some wonderful friends...

The current exhibit is "The Birth of Impressionism"...
and reminded me of my love of Monet's work and the early Impressionism movement in general.
This interest in Impressionism started when I was young...while touring art museums on my family vacations.

My father noticed this and for Christmas and birthday presents he gave me books, calendars and prints representing the early Impressionist movement...while I was growing up. it was so nice to see this exhibit on Saturday...I guess it made me smile as it reminded me of my love of art and where it all began.

Happy Monday!



Unknown said...

Those Novogratzes are really amazing! I am a bit jealous of their glamorous life! So true about art, though, sounds like a lovely evening! XX!

Unknown said...

Courtney and Robert make it look so effortless and easy! And, love anything and everything Monet! xoxo

Lilacandgrey said...

<3 Cara
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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Colorful art is so beautiful against a white or neutral backdrop. The colors really jump off the wall!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! xoxoxo