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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recently sold at Gas Lamp this week!

One of my favorite items sold...this industrial style metal hanging light in the Gas Lamp booth!  There should be one more left at The Franklin Antique Mall for $155.00...


White Lamp (new): $95.50 (2 available)
Pink Ikat Pillow: Sold
Vintage Bamboo Ceramic Bowl: $10.00
Vintage White Mirror: $75.00 of the metal bamboo tray tables sold!
There is one more at Gas Lamp for $135.00...

...and more of the vintage glass ball ornaments sold!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, November 29, 2010

A few moments of holiday decorating... this weekend has been a busy one...

...but I loved being able to embrace the Christmas decorating spirit for a few moments on Sunday...and so I started on the living-room!

I just clipped some holly from our front yard...arranged it on this buffet and placed (in this case) some new light pink glass balls all around...I was running out of I may add some more next weekend.

...I also love using vintage saucers as holders for candles!

...I adore my iron Westie book-ends...I have a West Highland Terrier, named I am up for anything Westie! my mantel is below... it is without the candles lit...

...and here it is all lit up!

...on the mantel I mixed in some vintage glass balls too...
...I think I am going to find some greenery for those wire urns on either side of the mantel...maybe some magnolia leaves?

Happy Monday!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just sold....

...these 2 beautiful dark pink 20"x 20" Ikat pillows...
Oh, the Vintage Faux Bamboo China Cabinet, which has been professionally re-finished,
 is on sale for $450.00 at Gas Lamp!

...I will be putting in these Ikat 20" x 20" pillows...hopefully today!
They are not this bright green in person...

Oh...these dark pink Ikat pillows...

are at the Franklin Antique Mall!

...and loved the following home I saw in Southern Living this month...traditional decor...but with such a fun twist by using ikat fabrics, a modern vintage looking floor lamp and coffee table...

Take care,


Friday, November 26, 2010

My hometown!

...I am from Charlottesville, Virginia and when I saw a post on Aesthetic Oiseau about this Charlottesville home being featured in Southern Living...

I had to see it- since it is the day after Thanksgiving and I spent this holiday here in Nashville with my husband's wonderful family...I just had to get my fill of my beloved hometown!

So here is a post on a great home in a beautiful area!

The homeowner, Christy Ford, is very talented and owns the store And George in Charlottesville, which I will have to stop by more often when I am in town!  Love her decorating advice...

 "Play Up Your Favorite Color, but Keep the Base Neutral"

“I’m kind of obsessed with blue French opaline glass now,” Christy says. The bright, almost turquoise color can be seen on table lamps and candlesticks in the living room as well as in the entry. “I would go crazy with that color, but I learned from my mother to keep the base neutral in order to let accessories really shine. She has reined me in a little bit to retain the calmness.”

White or off-white walls and slipcovers stay the same even as Christy flirts with new obsessions. “I tire quickly of things,” admits Christy. “I’ve gone through phases with several different colors, so I try to change things up with pillows and throws.” the white slipcovers...and large white mirror in this room...and those pillows!

I can go a little much with I love neutral/white walls, white slipcovers and white furniture mixed in...then plug in some colorful accessories and change it up as you feel like it!

 I think this helped with the home sickness!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


via My Sweet Savannah


via Celebrations


Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

...we will be walking down the street to watch the traditional Boulevard Bolt (cheering on the runners and walkers) this morning...

Dwell Studio via Coco & Kelly

then eating a yummy meal with family...and most importantly...
just being thankful!

Take care,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, I was recently...

...informed about the wonderful blogger and interior designer, Janell Beals, of Isabella and Max

where I saw....
and also noted it looked just like...

Gas Lamp Booth
These magnet Boards in my Gas Lamp booth...which I put in the booth last week after the Green Trellis versions all sold out of this booth-- 

...but there still should be some green trellis magnet boards in Franklin...
The Franklin Booth...
They all have a hanger on the back...and are perfect to hold pictures, notes or Christmas cards!

Oh, and I also saw...
this in the recent Rue Magazine...
and thought it was a great way to use milk glass-- especially as we start to entertain guests!  

I usually showcase milk glass in a more feminine way...but this styling by Rue shows that it can be used in many styles...and be so useful!

The Gas Lamp Booth

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pink and Blue for the Holidays!

...just love the pink and blue color combination on the cover of one of my favorite books!  

But I did not think of it as holiday colors until...

 ...I saw the pictures (below) from an event Eddie Ross, Jaithan Kochar and Elizabeth, the author of Pretty Pink Tulips,  put on....I loved the twist on holiday colors!

I love changing up the usual colors we see during this wonderful holiday season...

...then I saw...

from Anna Spiro's shop as showcased on her well-known blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things...which cemented my love for this dark pink and blue color combo for the holidays!

...oh, and this Christmas creative and colorful!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Items that sold...

...this past Saturday at the Gas Lamp Booth!  So happy!

Such as one of the above shells...which I love to use in decorating...or as a place to put your jewelry!
One sold so there are three left at Gas Lamp and one at the Franklin Antique Mall!

...and of the resin bird figurines sold!

...the last sea urchin lamp sold!

...not a great picture...but this wonderful wall metal card holder sold.  

I love it to hold all of the Christmas cards that are about to start rolling in!  It also can be used year-round to hold notes and lots of other items...

...there still should be one left at the Franklin Antique Mall...

...and lastly...
...most of the vintage ornaments in the booth sold...and I had just re-stocked the booth with 15+ ornaments on Friday!  

...a few are left in the Gas Lamp booth and some may be left at The Franklin Antique Mall!

I cannot tell you how fun it is coming in and seeing what people have picked up...and can be sad when I come in and no items have been picked up! 

 It happens both ways- as does everything in life...but luckily and thankfully it has been successful enough for me to gladly keep it going!

I love being able to share this little adventure of my "stores" with you all...because I am actually quite reserved...maybe shy (unless you know me really well) this has been such a nice way for me to share and I thank you for reading!

Happy Monday!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Apartment Therapy

...this quote is perfect!

It has been quite gray around here in Nashville...and I had a cold and now my poor husband has it...the week has been busy and the weekend will be I think this sign is just so heartwarming and I may try to hang something similar around my home...because it is so true!

...just a little reminder about the Gas Lamp Holiday Open House this Saturday...I will be going by my booth today to add a few things and have decided to put everything 15% off (just at Gas Lamp) for the open house on Saturday!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Nashville: This week's Estate Sales!!

...not one of the homes in the below listings...just liked it and made me think of an estate sale!

Nashville Estate Sale

Nashville, TN 37220

Thursday 9am- 5 pm
Friday 9 am- 5 pm
Saturday 9 am- 4 pm

...looks like a house packed full of stuff-- not sure from the pictures what is there...but looks like a lot to go through!

....such as the shelves above! seems like there are several vintage mod oversized lamps...may need a new drum/barrel shade...but what a fun and dramatic touch to a room!

...and at the right price that sofa has wonderful lines...just needs to be re-upholstered!

...lots of pretty the covered dish with scallops!

Green Hills Moving Sale

4105 Skyline Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm

...really like those oriental screens to the left (in the picture)...and that large frame! could make a great library with some of these books!

...the side table with that detailed edge is so nice!  

...and the console/desk caught my eye too...

...and remember...

is this Saturday at Gas Lamp!

Happy Thursday!