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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some pretty images and my $1.99 find!

Ashley Whittaker

...Just wanted to show some inspiring images I collected this week.  Love the pink upholstery with the blue wallpaper in the above image...and that glossy white side table!!

...the white walls and the octagonal skirted entrance table are fabulous...I have saved this as inspiration for our entry hall in the re-building plans!

via Decor 8 all the seashells...and such a collected look!

via Interior Design Musings
...don't know if that is milk glass or not...but you can re-create this with vintage milk glass pieces! these pictures below are nothing like the above...but just wanted to show my $1.99 find from the Salvation Army on Tuesday!

...this large lucite clam shell holder...

...which I promptly put some tulips in...

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


...just a few pictures (from my i-phone, sorry!!) of some re-arranging and adding at the little store yesterday!  I also had the great luck to run into a designing friend while I was re-arranging at Gas Lamp yesterday, whom I met through this blog- always a treat!!

...not a huge post today as it has already started to be a busy day- but hope to share a find from yesterday...a large lucite clam shell holder from the Salvation Army (on Charlotte Avenue for the Nashville readers) is now in my dining room holding some pink tulips...a $1.99 find- adding a little brightness to the very rainy weather here in Nashville!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Take care,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out and about in Nashville...

...Love the dramatic gilt mirror above...that I found in one of my favorite consignment stores in Nashville (Clearing House Consignments on Page Road)...the above mirror was out of my price range...but these teal lamps below were not at all and were so tempting!

....they came as a pair, which I love!  I usually won't buy certain items unless they are in a pair...and if these are still there- I may buy them!

...on the topic of lamps...I found many great vintage lamps on a recent trip to some of my favorite thrift stores just outside of Nashville-- 

...which is one reason I usually don't buy lamps unless there is a pair available-- it cuts back on my lamp inventory- which is necessary! this brass eagle pair of lamps below...I may actually go back and get them! is a fabulous pair of white tole lamps-- the price was not low enough for me-- so I passed, but I absolutely loved them!

...what a sweet white lamp below...

Ginger jars are always so fun to have around the home!

...loved these vintage horse head cologne bottles with a grassy green top!

...and some lovely vintage bamboo china!

...some bamboo lattice-work glassware!

...and a gorgeous bamboo side table...I passed on this one too due to the price and condition of the piece...

...loved this large basket...

...and a vintage metal urn...

...if this wingback chair came in a pair I would have bought them in a heartbeat-- the shape was so unique due to how tall and slightly slender it was-- hard to tell in this picture...

...when I saw it I started dreaming about how I would re-upholster it!

...that is it!  When I was on this trip, I actually did not take pictures of what I did buy-- how funny! Will have to remember next time!

I am very excited about a trip to Hilton Head, SC coming up soon!  My mother and I will be on the search for some great pieces to bring home!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just ordered...

...several fabrics for upholstery and pillows...

Oh, did you catch Meg Braff in the latest House Beautiful (which is amazing this month!!) is a little peek...I adore her!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New pictures...

...I just wanted to show you some better pics of my little store thanks to Camille at The Vintage Object and my husband!  

Camille gave me some great tips on light and my husband described more ways to use our quite complex (to me) camera... how the pics are much more light and air-y...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some pillows...

I am about to finalize this order of Ikat pillows from these I need several new pillows for the little store and also for the online store that hopefully will be finished in a month or so!

...they will all be 20"x20"...

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libraries and Hidden doors...

...this is my ideal library!  

I have not posted on our re-building plans recently, but we are having our weekly architect meetings and should be going before the zoning board in our area to have our plans approved in June!   So we are making progress...

One room in our home will be a library and it will be the room in the front/right of our home...I have fallen in love with Windsor Smith's library above...and we would like to have...

...a hidden door behind one of the bookshelves that leads into my husbands closet...our master bedroom closets will border the library on one it will be a perfect back entrance for him!

via meanmaharani blog

Since this room will be in the front and fairly prominent...I am going to have to convince my husband not to go for the dark mahogany look...hopefully, we will get a white and air-y library!  

Such as...

...I may have to tone down the pink in the above:)

Ashley Goforth

Decor Pad

I Suwannee
Elle Decor

Happy Tuesday!