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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This weekend...

A new mirror has arrived!  I should have 2 of them, but the supplier has the 2nd arriving in a week.  

Also wanted to mention that this Saturday is Gas Lamp's annual 4th of July celebration...many dealers will have items on sale...and I have decided to put everything that is over $25.00 in my "little store" at 15% off...just Saturday!  

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some things I am loving...

via Chic Coles

...gorgeous colors and patterns!

Amanda Nisbet

Trina Turk

Trina Turk

Quotes that put life into perspective!

Still love faux bamboo mixed in...

One Kings Lane

...a collected look and puffy drapes!

...I am dreaming of this in our new backyard!

Elle Decor

...and lovely white kitchens!

Elle Decor

Skirted everything...

Absolutely Beautiful Things

...and always in love with sumptuous draperies!

...and a good mix!


...lovely cottages...we have one at our new home!

via Meet Me in Philadelphia

...and words to live by!


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well we had a wonderful trip to Sonoma!  We went there for a wedding of one of my husbands friends from college...

Saturday morning, my husband and I took a long walk through the town of Sonoma...and all I have are i-phone pics...but at least I have pictures and that is a lot for me:)

...we went for a stroll in their state park, which is located in the town and saw some wonderful greenery!

...and flowers...

...and giant trees!

...the Vallejo home was a nice historic site to see in the park...

...and the Vellejo side yard was picturesque!!

...then we walked around the town and saw some wonderful homes...loved the striking blue and white in this one above!

...and all the gorgeous flowers!  Wish I had a green thumb...but I did mention to my husband that if the weather was this nice in Tennessee...I might be a much better gardner!

...the ivy in Sonoma is huge!!  We do not have ivy this large in the south!

...gorgeous alley's in the town of Sonoma...

...and so many restaurants to choose from!

...we ended up choosing to eat at...

...loved this entrance staircase! Sorry so blurry!

Gorgeous lobby...

...below is a professional picture from their website...

...after lunch we had a wine tasting at a namesake winery:) maiden name is relation though!

...and then... was time to get ready for the beautiful wedding at a local winery!

Next, I will share the pictures from the 24 hour whirlwind in Sausalito and San Francisco...quite a quick trip...but well worth it!

We came home last night to some packages at the stuff for the little store!   Today, I have to go and tidy up the store...I bet it is a mess right now...and pick up our little dog from the "doggie hotel"!

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday... we are about to move into our new home...I thought this was a perfect quote to describe the state of our house right now!  

Today...we are on our way back from a short (but wonderful) vacation in California...and are looking forward to the move!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey Nashville...a new store!

...spotted this vintage faux bamboo settee at Nashville Pickers...a new vintage/antique store on Sidco Drive in Nashville!  

It is $250.00 and in very good I do not need another settee, I left it behind- but thought I would share!

They also had a wicker elephant stand similar to the one below that I had, which was very popular:

...only difference is that the one at Nashville Pickers is in an off-white color and is slightly bigger...and at $45.00...not a bad price!

While you are on Sidco Drive...two of my favorite consignment stores are nearby:

Consign 2 Design
4340 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
...saw a design friend of mine at Consign 2 Design this past week, which was fun!

Second Chance Consignments
4825 Trousdale Drive Suite 214
Nashville, TN 37220

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Palm Beach/Vintage Chic...

One Kings Lane

A sweet friend of mine here in Nashville sent me Hillary Thomas' One Kings Lane Vintage Chic/Palm Beach Container Sale link this past weekend...since it reminded her of me!

...and I saw the above upholstered chair and it reminded me of the pair below that I have in my little store right now!

Then there is this vintage shell dish (see below)...I found a few similar to this at an estate sale several months ago.  I already sold one...but I will be putting another one in the little store today and I think I will be hanging on to the last one!

One Kings Lane

Loved this quote from the Palm Beach style description on One Kings Lane...if you want to read the entire here!


Palm Beach style may err on traditional, but drab? Never! Even the most conservative furnishings find their fun when they come together in a slew of vibrant hues and patterns.

Have an absolutely wonderful Tuesday!  We closed on our new "to us" home all those decorating ideas are spinning around in my head right now! 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A great weekend and a busy day!

It was a wonderful weekend here in Nashville! 

My husband and I had a nice dinner at Maffiaoza's with his sister and her husband on Friday evening!

 Lori May came by and picked up the campaign dresser on Saturday...and we chatted over lunch at The Yellow Porch- which was so nice and refreshing!

...after that I re-organized items in the little store!

...On Sunday, we had dessert with my husband's parents, sister and her husband for father's day...and I had a wonderful phone conversation with my special father too!

...and today we are closing on our new "to us" home! 

...I hope you enjoy the newer pictures from the little store!

Happy Monday!