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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More new...

Medium Sized Clam Shell: $48.00
White Resin Bird figurines: $6.50/each
Vintage Readers Digest Books: $4.00/each
Starfish: $2.50/each

I have been meaning to get some new pictures up...but time always seems to fly by!  Above, is one of the clam shells that just came in!

Round Metal Mirrors (D: 37.5"): SOLD

Blue Ceramic Lamps: $99.00/each
Gilded Gold Ball Lamps: $125.00/each

White Bird Picture Frames: $14.00/each
Shell Balls: $9.00/each
White Resin Bird Figurines: $6.50/each

New Off-white Bird Lamps: $99.00/each
Metal Ring Mirror: $165.00
Brown/white Shells: $8.00/each
Capiz shell votive holder: $4.00

New Black Lamps: $135.00/each
Coral: $14.00/each
Shell Balls: $9.00/each
New Metal Console table: $310.00 (on hold)
Round Geometric Mirror (D: 34"): $225.00

Shell lamp with gold touches: $135.00
Vintage Readers Digest Books: $4.00/each
Capiz shell tray: $15.00/each

New Shell Lamp with gold touches: $135.00
Yellow & White Palm Springs Pillows: $55.00/each

Shell Balls: $9.00/each
Medium Tray with antiqued mirror: $18.00

Bird Bowl (small): $9.00/each (also available in a larger size for $12.00)
Shells: $2.50/each

New Orange Ceramic Lamp: Sold
Blue/Green Mirror: $199.00
Medium sized clam shell: $48.00
Coral: $14.00/each
Re-finished Vintage Bamboo Chairs: SOLD
Green Pillows: $65.00/each

Black/White in-lay picture frames: $16.00/each

Celery Green Ceramic Lamps: SOLD
Picture Frame: $14.00
Shells: $2.50/each
Cowhide Mirror: $185.00
Metal Basket-weave Chandelier: $199.00 (On Hold)

Various frames: $14.00/each

Large Clam Shell: $65.00
Shell Balls: $9.00/each

...a delivery truck just pulled up with a load of mirrors and shade if I get them unpacked and arranged...there may be another post this week!!

Take care,

Monday, May 7, 2012


Palm Springs Yellow Pillows: $55.00/each
Ikat Pillow: $75.00
Rattan Shade Chandelier: $235.00
Re-finished vintage faux bamboo chairs: $145.00/each
Mirror: $199.00

 This blue mirror with a silver outline...just came in!

Mirror: $199.00

...and several of these metal & wood side tables with a fabulous geometric design....

22.5" H Metal & Wood Side Table: $145.00
26.5" H Metal & Wood Side Table: $165.00

Inlay Picture Frame: $16.00
Metal Bamboo Tray Table: $165.00
Starfish: $2.50/each
Vintage Reader Digest Books: $4.00/each

Aqua Bird Journal: $10.00
Small white vases: $6.00/each
Shells: $2.50- 8.00/each
Scalloped Picture Frames: $14.00/each

Happy Monday!