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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Orange!

Eilene Kathryn Boyd

Goodness...I am really intrigued by a burnt orange color in a room!  Also love combining it with the magenta above!

...just a fun, unexpected and sophisticated color!

I have...

w/down insert
Franklin Antique Mall
2 Available

Great tote bag with sophisticated dot pattern!
The Franklin Antique Mall Booth

The Gas Lamp Booth

in my booths...

and orange can really be a neutral!

Love this orange decor pictage from Tobi Fairley...

Via Tobi {here}

Happy Halloween!!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey Nashville...some things on Craigslist!

Click {here} for the listing on this mod glass coffee table...perfect especially for smaller living rooms...or a traditional room in which you need to add a "twist" to it!

It is a "make me an offer" price is unlisted...but it could be a great buy! I don't buy used upholstered furniture to use "as is" (I will have it re-upholstered and will never re-sell unless it is re-upholstered) ... since I don't know where it has been....but this fabric pattern is quite intriguing to me...and at $40.00 this sofa has a great line to it...and at this low price you can easily have it re-upholstered!

Click {here} for the listing...

Happy Saturday!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Beautiful Mirror + Vintage Glassware...


I found this image....and just loved the look of the eclectic collection of glassware in front of this antique gilded mirror on a mantle!  

...various pieces of vintage glassware are fun to are five vintage etched glass bud vases (you have to look closely to see them) the Gas Lamp booth.

...on the left are 2 larger pieces of vintage etched and one more modern in style!

...and a beautiful old gilded mirror!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

...and from Franklin...

Oh, I see that I need to tack the muslin back up on the right wall...
the next time I am there:)

mother of pearl coasters (set of 6): $10.00
16"X16" Silk/Cotton Ikat Pillow with down insert: $60.00

Wall Canvas with Clock Sketch
65"H x 17 1/2" L

Resin Bird Figurine: $9.25

Happy Thursday!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few new things at Gas Lamp...

Pagoda Magnetic Board: $15.00
20"x20" Silk/Cotton Tan Ikat Pillow with Down Insert: $70.00
16"x16" Silk Cotton Tan/Grey Ikat Pillow with Down Insert: $60.00

White Resin Birds: $9.25/each
Seashell votive holders: $8.00/each
Resin Tree Branch Vase: $8.00/each

Set of 3 Black Metal Baskets: $37.50

Bamboo/Rattan Chair: $75.00

Faux Red Coral Picture Frames: $12.00/each
Seashells: $1.50/each
Various milk glass: $4- 12.00/each
Vintage Etched Glass Bud Vase: $3.00/each

Vintage Ceramic Elephant Plant Stand/Side Table: $75.00
*Update: Gas Lamp Ceramic Elephant is ON HOLD
One More left at the Franklin Antique Mall

Metal Card Holder: $59.00
...can be used to hold business cards, notes, jewelry and many more things!

Take care,

Caroline I have a few of these...

in the Gas Lamp Booth...there are also a few on top of the vintage ceramic elephant plant stand/side table...

Vintage Ceramic Elephant Plant stand/Side table at Gas Lamp and The Franklin Antique Mall...
Update: Gas Lamp Ceramic Elephant is ON HOLD

...and I came across this picture...

and thought...what a wonderful way to use vintage saucers...

and doesn't it feel good to have these small items all organized...

Metal Card Holder at Gas Lamp and The Franklin Antique Mall....$59.00!

another way to keep jewelry organized is with this metal card holder...which can be used to hold jewelry too!

...whenever I take some time and organize all my stuff- I feel so much better!!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to do with the white bird figurine?

....white resin bird figurines...
$9.50 each

I can see them....

on top of some books on a coffee table...

Elizabeth Bauer

on a side table...

...see the little bird on the side table in the center!
David Cariero

on a mantle...

...I have a  similar bamboo/rattan chair in my Gas Lamp booth too!
Palmer Weiss

in a bookshelf... bird here...but can totally see it with the other white objects!
Michelle Adams

...they should be in both booths by Wednesday...

Take care,



...found these pics on I Suwannee (just love her style)...she had posted these of the Lilly Pulitzer's new home line at High Point....

Now...if you know know that I do wear Lilly from time to of my favorite lines due to how it fits me and the cheery and happy colors and patterns!

...for the same reason...I am in love with the home furniture/decor line! pillows and artwork 

...and lacquered furniture reminiscent of vintage pieces!

...the glossy white faux bamboo bed, glossy pink lamps on 1960's mod side tables...and that rug is the best!

...just love this colorful look that harkens back to a classic vintage feel!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, October 25, 2010


Coco & Kelly had a wonderful post on Sixx Design last week...

Click {here} for the interview


I just love Robert & Cortney's collected and colorful look!


Also...they give some wonderful advice on design in the interview.


The above picture stood out to me (with the quote) especially after my husband and I attended
the benefit gala for Nashville's art museum on Saturday night with some wonderful friends...

The current exhibit is "The Birth of Impressionism"...
and reminded me of my love of Monet's work and the early Impressionism movement in general.
This interest in Impressionism started when I was young...while touring art museums on my family vacations.

My father noticed this and for Christmas and birthday presents he gave me books, calendars and prints representing the early Impressionist movement...while I was growing up. it was so nice to see this exhibit on Saturday...I guess it made me smile as it reminded me of my love of art and where it all began.

Happy Monday!