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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guest Bedroom #1...

...wanted to show where I was going with Guest Bedroom #1 in the new house....

The blue gingham fabric sample is for some relaxed roman shades that have been ordered...

The bed will actually be a vintage faux bamboo headboard in that blue color (just needs to be painted right now)...

...and then some light coral colored accent pillows/lamps and a little touch of yellow on the white tole chandelier!  

The sisal rug to add a natural/neutral touch!  The walls will be white...and the pieces of furniture are some of the vintage white pieces I have that were re-painted in a semi-gloss white!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 23, 2011


via Pinterest

This made me smile...

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A little touch of gingham...

via Elle Decor this is a big touch...but gingham in one piece (such as the the bedding here...and actually the lampshade too)...adds so much to this little girl's room...

via Martha Stewart

I love a little touch of gingham...I think I prefer it in upholstery or window treatments...

My entry room...very unfinished right now!!!

I have it on a skirted round table in the entry room (which is still very unfinished)...and the same pattern is on my dining room chairs...not pictured here...

But Anna Spiro does such a wonderful job with gingham on her dining room chairs...

via Absolutely Beautiful Things they are a dramatic touch in a bedroom...

via The Selby

...or on an upholstered bed...

via Cozy Bliss

...another idea as mats for picture frames...

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

...but I still think I like it most upholstered on a in this nursery...

via Bryn Alexandra Blog

...I love the idea of mixing in gingham with different styles and patterns...

via A Life of Beauty and Grace Tumblr with a formal dining room or chair...

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

...just something I have been thinking about!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Window Treatments...ordered...

via Pinterest

Isn't it nice to check something off the list!

I have placed the order for the custom window treatments...I want the "relaxed roman shade look"...and will have them hung inside the window moldings in the a blend of the above and below images...

...this gingham pattern is for bedroom #1...

...the houndstooth is for bedroom #2...

...and this is to make a sink skirt for the downstairs powder room... excited to see the final product!  

Now, just a little quote that I loved when I saw it yesterday....
Pinterest via Jenfernie Blog

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something wonderful!

Via Pinterest & Flip Flops & Pearls Design

So true!

Oh, I found these yesterday...
$75.00/each as is...

I am going to start to sell pieces "as is"...while they are waiting to be re-done...maybe I should call it "The Back Room"...

...anyway, just contact me at if you are interested!

Have a wonderful day...mine will be full of cleaning!

Take care,

Monday, September 19, 2011

New things...and a china find!

Decorative Pillows: $35.00/each
Clam Shell Mold: $48.00
White Glass Lamps: SOLD I spent a few hours this weekend...away from cleaning the new home (which was not much fun)...taking some items to the little store!  Like the fun pillows above!

Vintage Entry Table professionally re-painted: $295.00
Vintage Faux Bamboo Mirror: SOLD

Faux Bois Table Lamp: $145.00
Yellow Lattice Pillows with Down Insert: $75.00/each
Vintage White Dresser professionally re-painted in a semi-gloss white: SOLD

...and this vintage of the 1st pieces from my new painter....

Oh, just found another vintage ceramic elephant...see below...
Vintage Ceramic Elephant: SOLD
Shell Holder: $15.00
Shells: $1.50/each

Green Gourd Lamps: SOLD
Ikat Pillows with Down Inserts: $75.00/each
Bird Baths: $65.00/each
Vintage Reader Digest Books: $4.00/each
Shell Molds: $15.00/each

We are still not into the new home yet...we did a ton of cleaning and organizing this weekend...needless to say...this whole process has taken way longer then we had every imagined!

But I also stepped out for a nearby estate sale this weekend and  found this Haviland china...monogrammed with an "R"....which works for my maiden I had to get it:)

...and so bought a lot of it for next to nothing...

...I love the thought of mixing it in with our Herend Golden Edge that we registered for when we got married...this estate sale find was an inexpensive way to extend the fine china... we just need to get into the new home to use it!!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A bar cart...finally!

...just picked this vintage bar cart up today at an estate sale...finally found one!

...should go in the little store soon...

Happy Friday!
Caroline Nashville!

Collaboration between artist Ruben Toledo and the Hatch Show Print in Nashville

I have missed the blog!!  

I have been under the weather since last week...and just had to slow down to get over whatever I had!  I think I just had a really bad reaction to the dust in our new place and that created a horrible cough, which got really bad and so I lost my voice...which is still not fully back yet. 

Anyway, my life has been full of antihistamines, rest and water...and luckily I started to feel well enough to go to the opening gala for the Nashville Nordstrom's with some friends on Wednesday!

Collaboration between artist Ruben Toledo and the Hatch Show Print in Nashville I am the worst at taking event these will not be that great...but the event was amazing!

A huge Chanel section...I can dream! is amazing to see some of these labels (Chanel, Gucci...Missoni...and more) in the store here in Nashville...

...there were real "mannequins" set up in each department...a fun touch!

...and the food...these cakes were so cute and delicious!

...we enjoyed them:)

The whole evening was such a fun night with friends...and we are all looking forward to doing lunch at Sixth & Pine (the restaurant inside Nordstrom- click here for an article on it)...

Sixth & Pine in the Delaware Nordstroms

and then some great shopping!

A little update....all the work inside of our new home is even though half of our things are in the new home already....we now can finally move in!  More on that next week...

Happy Friday!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Curtains Made 4 U...

via Curtains Made 4 U

While reading the new issue of Lonny last night....I ran across Calico Corner's Curtains Made 4 U...and loved it!  

Such a fun way to create fabulous curtains...and when I experimented creating a few...the price was not bad either.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New lights...and painted furniture!

...just added several pendent lights...2 mercury glass pendant lights and 2 clear glass pendant lights...

Mercury Glass Pendant Light: $55.00/each
Quantity: 2

Clear Glass Pendant Light: $62.00
Quantity: 2

...and I picked up the newly painted pieces yesterday...
I have them pictured below in an empty bedroom in the new house...they are not in the "little store" yet...and there is absolutely no styling below...

...they are all in a white lacquer...

...which I like and hope others do to!  So easy to clean and very durable...

My husband and I are doing the final cleaning of the house before we officially move in next week.  We had the HVAC system re-done this past week...and that created a ton of dust and mess...

Take care,