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Friday, December 31, 2010

Working on...

...this picture is very deceiving...the current finish is not in good condition at all...but the shape and structure are perfect!

....the upholsterer has stripped them and now they are awaiting to go to the re-finisher to be painted with a semi-gloss white...then they will go back to the upholsterer and have the same fabric as...

....this vintage chair that has been re-finished and re-upholstered...I have two of these re-finished vintage chairs for the booth.

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recently Sold...and a little change!

...the end of December has been a busy one at the Gas Lamp booth!

One of my beloved vintage ceramic elephant plant stands/side table sold in the Gas Lamp Booth...there is one left at the Franklin Antique Mall booth...unless I grab it for myself:)

...lots of little white bird figures have been sold...there are 2 left at Gas Lamp and 1 at Franklin...

...this vintage rattan coffee table, which was professionally re-finished in a glossy Benjamin Moore white sold at Gas did the light brown Ikat pillow (which is on the re-finished bentwood chair).

...a gorgeous little capiz tray sold at Gas did several of the white and green shells!

...a few of the candles sold...

...and a pitcher similar to the above sold too at Gas Lamp...this one is still available...

...and a couple of the vintage saucers/plates! my little change...

I have received a wonderful opportunity to rent a large space in a well-traveled/up-front location at Gas Lamp in Nashville...and since I have been completely over-joyed with how my "little store" has done at Gas Lamp...I have decided to expand A Flair for Vintage Decor at Gas Lamp and forgo my space at The Franklin Antique Mall in Franklin, TN starting in February.

My hope is that I can create more of a complete look in a larger space, which will continue to build on the dream of my store!

Happy Thursday!!


New things!

I have shown this re-finished desk...but now some of the re-upholstered pieces are coming in!

...please excuse my inspiration board in the pictures...I did not realize how dis-organized it looked...

...and I just found this vintage lamp...loved the lampshade too!

...I also found two of these brass mid-century modern holders...perfect to hold a cell phone on a desk (as seen in the picture above this one)!

...a close-up of the lamp...and 2 glass candleholders with a scalloped edge....that I found recently... is the re-finished bamboo chair with its newly re-upholstered seat!

Hope to have these pieces in the booths in January...

More pictures to come soon!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My visit to Charlottesville! I went home for the holidays...which is Charlottesville, Virginia!

Tuffy (my little West Highland Terrier) and I just wanted to show you a few sites around C-ville and the University of Virginia, which is located in Charlottesville...

Of course...The Lawn at UVA is a great place to visit...we are in front of one of the faculty pavilions on The Lawn (in the above picture), where a faculty member lives with his/her family.  

...and the well known Rotunda is on one side of The Lawn at UVA.   The top of the columns are draped in black fabric right now...

...this is not one of our pictures, but shows the faculty pavilions interspersed among the student rooms with the Rotunda in the one end of The Lawn at UVA.

The Downtown Mall is not far away...and is full of shops, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. 

The Downtown Mall is actually a pedestrian mall created by laying brick where a paved road used to be located in this historic shopping area of Main Street in downtown Charlottesville...they stopped the cars from driving down this long stretch of Main Street in Charlottesville-- now you just walk this area of Main Street and visit the shops, restaurants and galleries on foot...and don't have to worry about any cars!

...Oyster House Antiques is one of my favorite furniture stores on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville... parents eat on the Downtown Mall after church on Sundays...

...and is where the old Paramount theatre is located!

...and so many cute stores like Petite Bebe (for little kids)...and I spied this great table in their store while window shopping on Sunday!

...and of course you will see this...
...all over the place...for the University of Virginia!

...and the Downtown Mall is where one of my favorite stores is is one of the 3 Caspari stores in the world...and as my mother noted...the other 2 are in in Paris and NYC...which besides for Charleston, SC...are my two other favorite places!!

...the Caspari window shopping pictures came out horribly...but just wanted to try to show one of my favorite gift/home decor/furniture stores in C-ville!

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday with family and friends...and are preparing for a wonderful New Year!

Take care,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shopping for the holidays!

Picture from the Gas Lamp Booth

...Just a little reminder to the local readers that both booths are on sale...most items are 20-30% off until January 3rd!

Picture from the Gas Lamp Booth all the candles and vintage books are 20% off!  The candles are going quickly at Gas Lamp...

Picture from the Gas Lamp Booth
...there is only one red coral frame left...and it is 30% off at the Gas Lamp booth!  The Flair books are 20% off...a perfect gift for someone who loves to entertain!

Picture from the Gas Lamp Booth

...the last of the magnetic boards are all 20% off...the capiz shell picture frame is too.

...there is only one lonely ornament left at the Gas Lamp booth!  I believe there are still several vintage ornaments at the Franklin booth...

Picture from the Gas Lamp Booth
...all the mirrors at the Gas Lamp and Franklin booths are 20- 30% off!

...and this dresser...professionally re-finished in a glossy Benjamin Moore 20% off!  Oh, and the lamps are 20% off too as is most of the professionally re-finished vintage furniture that is still left!

Franklin Antique Mall Booth 
...this is a picture of the Franklin booth from a few months many of the items are no longer available...but this beautiful vintage china cabinet, which was professionally re-finished is 20% off!

This is a picture of the Gas Lamp booth from a few months many of the items in it have already sold...the pillows are now in the Franklin Antique Mall Booth!
The vintage bamboo china cabinet, which has been professionally on sale for $450.00 at the Gas Lamp booth!

...all on sale until January 3rd!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Decor at the West Home!

...Tuffy and I just wanted to show you some quick pictures around the West home...before the holidays are over!

...Oh, just noticed how lonely Tuffy's stocking looks by itself...I will definitely put stockings on our after Christmas sales shopping list! can tell I love magnolia wreaths...we have one on the front door too...I luckily got a great deal on them... white poinsettias...these have a touch of pink!

...our Christmas tree and presents!

I actually don't use wrapping paper...trying to be a bit green?  

I buy white boxes and colorful ribbon...that can be re-used year after year...and then several bags (that can also be re-used).

All the green ribbon on the presents was saved from last year...and I just added the magenta ribbon for this year!

Oh, I found the green bamboo trellis bags at Party Nashville West...was a nice I grabbed up several!

...the paper whites!

...collection of vintage glass ornaments...

...simple arrangement on our dining room table...

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with friends and family!

Take care,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just arrived...

Oh, these hydrangeas started to droop...but wanted to take a picture of them in this ceramic seashell holder on top of our family room armoire!

...and a few of the newly re-finished pieces that just came in... this bamboo chair...which will be getting a newly re-upholstered seat in a creamy gray jute fabric...

...and a set of 4 bentwood chairs in a new semi-gloss white finish...they will all be getting seats re-upholstered in a warm but lively yellow jute fabric.

...and this faux bamboo desk...turned out beautifully!

Will show more soon...

Happy Tuesday,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Sweet Holiday Sale! A Flair for Vintage both booth locations (Franklin Antique Mall and Gas Lamp)...starting Tuesday, December 14th and going until January 3rd!

Almost everything is 20- 30% off for the holidays...

I am working on (hopefully...fingers crossed) a fun surprise in January!

...I will also be taking a bit of a break from my blog this week (to catch my breath for a second)...but will be back in touch next week with pictures of the new items and re-freshened vintage pieces that are coming in!

Happy week!