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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eclectic Youth!

Loved this article from the October Vogue issue...and even though it is about fashion....I thought it was very relatable to today's decor!

Here is a quote:

Or that they resists looking like everyone else.  "It's boring to be dressed head to toe in anything." says Vasev.  

"Vintage requires effort and imagination, and designer keeps it from looking dated."  

So they combine their flea-market finds with sharp Balenciaga jackets, shirts from the Row and Dries Van Noten trousers as a way to soften the spare or severe....

Perhaps they're on to something with this counterintuitive idea in a world of understated chic....

It's enviable, these girl's poetic (and prescient) ability to dust off the old and pair it with new, leaving the rest of us to play catch- up.
October Vogue

Resist looking like everyone else...dust off the old and pair it with the new!
 Love that quote!

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Unknown said...

True style can only be accomplished when you dress yourself with confidence and creativity!!! Love this.