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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Pinterest via Stephanie Laughlin

Lamps to me are up there with shoes and handbags...I could collect them forever!  So I have had fun looking at possible lamp options that I may see at market this week...

I love using vintage lamps (like the gorgeous alabaster versions above with updated drum shades) on a newer console table...and then vice versa...a new lamp on a vintage piece of the mix in ages and/or styles!

...not the best picture...but here is a lamp (actually there are on each side of this console in our entry way)...I recently found and could not pass up for my own home!

...below are more images with lamps I adore...

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Lee Kleinhelter

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Pinterest via Stephanie Laughlin

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...a few I am going to have my eyes on to possibly order...

Happy Tuesday!


L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

I am a lamp hoarder! If I go to a thrift store or vintage shop, I head towards the lamps. Thats probably why I have about 25 in my garage!

Unknown said...

Love matching lamps - and you've picked some beauties! Also love the mirror images you posted yesterday. You're going to have fun in Atlanta!!

xo Elizabeth