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Monday, May 23, 2011

A little Palm Beach in Nashville!

On Saturday morning I went estate sale shopping with my good friend Sarah-- who is a fabulous interior designer!  

We went to this estate sale put on by Patterson Estate and Moving Sales...the sale was in the West Meade area of Nashville...and when I saw the light above...I was in love!  Until I looked on the other side of the tag and saw a NFS (not for sale)....

However, I had to show you a picture of the grassy green shag carpet....she actually had a rake and raked this carpet!  It was quite impressive and so Palm Beach chic for that time!

I think if I knew her we would have a lot in common!

I did find a bamboo settee that I have not taken a picture of yet...but the painter came back with lots of the newly painted furniture-- and here are a few pics...

...the campaign dresser I found in South Carolina!

...a vintage bamboo headboard!

...not a great picture from my i-phone...but shows an Asian-inspired side table...and 2 of 6 dining room chairs that I had re-finished!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



Unknown said...

Love that headboard and those chairs!!!! The new Lilly Putlitzer fabrics would look smashing with them!

Have a great day!
~ Elizabeth

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Ooh, what size is that headboard? I think I'm the only blogger in the country who hasn't come across a campaign piece yet. I'm not giving up!!

Caroline said...

Thanks you two!! I agree...some LP fabric would look fabulous on them!

Kim- it is a queen sized headboard...and I said the same thing about never finding a campaign dresser...and then there it was!!

Take care,

Stitchfork said...

That light fixture would have been a great find! Love how the SC campaign dresser turned out! Happy Monday Caroline!
xo Cathy

My Many Moments said...

Wow Campaign Heaven!! Great pieces! Love the chandelier and the bamboo chairs! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Like to " hear" about THAT?
How about GERRY, GED, ROPER,..tying?