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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gas Lamp Open House this Saturday!

Vintage Lamps with grassy green shades, $75.00 each/ B106 Gas Lamp's Anniversary Open House is this Saturday...and most dealers will have some kind of sale going on in their I will too...and will have everything over $25.00 at 20% off just for Saturday.

I wanted to showcase a few great items that I saw quickly walking around the above vintage lamps with the grassy green shades!

...this is the space that my booth used to be before I moved to my new space in February...the dealer who has many booths on this hallway has taken my old space...and has some wonderful items!!  Especially, those gorgeous white mirrors!  

...and of course...
...the collaboration booth that Jason Parker Counce puts together in the front of the store is always full of fabulous items...this month's theme is a garden one!

...and I spied this...
pillow in Jason's own booth...B309!

please stop by this Saturday!

Happy Friday!



Lilacandgrey said...

fun stuff!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Should be a beautiful weekend to shop! We're having a sidewalk event this weekend - hope we both do well!

Stitchfork said...

If I was in the neighborhood I'd be stopping by! Have a great weekend!
xo Cathy

quintessence said...

Your space definitely looks the nicest!! I do love those green shades though. Hope you have a successful weekend!!