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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Front Door View!

Traditional Home

I have always loved the idea of stepping through the front door of a home and seeing into the backyard...just think it brings a special feeling to a house!

We have this front door to back yard view in the current house plans...and maybe a simple feature like this....

Southern Living
to see in the back yard....from the front door!

I think I can definitely find something like this at an estate sale or local auction...
Our next meeting with the architect is this upcoming Monday...I am really starting to get into this process!

Happy Tuesday!



Unknown said...

hope you had a great holiday! say a house on vacation that had their front door open when we were driving by-you could see the gorgeous living room, dining room straight back to the ocean--too perfect! have a great day! xxB

Vintage is for Lovers said...

I Love the feeling of openness to! It creates such a wonderful flow of energy. I also love the front door that opens to a courtyard that opens another door to the home! Can't wait to see your plans unfold! xo Samantha

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

I am really looking forward to seeing the end's going to be fantastic with all of your creativity wrapped up in it. Can't wait!!

Unknown said...

Love that look, too!!! I had it in my home in Charlotte - but sadly not at this little house! Oh least you can see to the back room which kind of pulls you in.

So excited for your project to take shape. I know the finished result will be magazine worthy!!

xo Elizabeth

Spots & Stripes said...

The front door view also means you can have a fabulous hallway too! My Westhighland Terrier loves running and up down our hall, especially when there's visitors.

Things That Inspire said...

When we first sat down with our architect, the first thing I told him was that I wanted a view from the front door to the back yard! We had a bit of a tricky time fitting in everything with the width of the lot, the master on the main, the porte cochere, and ended up having to justify the living room to the right (meaning, the view from the front is not through the center of the living room, but the left window), but we did end up with our view from front to back!