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Friday, January 14, 2011

A few photos from the booth!

...this is actually a picture I took right at the Gas Lamp booth before the dresser sold, but after I put in the semi-antique handwoven Persian rug...the rug is actually much lighter and prettier than the pictures show it to be! is a beautiful mauve...with grey, light blue and green in smaller doses!

The below are 3 iphone pics I took right before I left for Atlanta...I rushed a few "new to the booth" pieces in right before I left for Atlanta...
....they are a re-finished bamboo chair with a re-upholstered cushion-- the painter and upholsterer did a wonderful job!
...and below the large white mirror is a faux bamboo side table that has also been professionally re-finished.
...just another picture from the Gas Lamp booth!  Seriously, the rug is a lot lighter in person!

Happy Friday!



Spots & Stripes said...

That cane chair is really fantastic. If only I could ship it to Oz! Amber

My Many Moments said...

I love the green pillow you are holding in your profile picture, and I love your blog even more! We have very very similar taste. I look forward to fallowing you.
Take care,

Camille said...

That really is a gorgeous rug. It looks completely different on my computer than it does on the iphone, so I can only imagine how good it looks in real life! Your blog always makes me feel better about my finds -- like I'm not crazy for buying those bamboo chairs or liking that mirror I found that looks EXACTLY like the one in your booth!