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Friday, November 26, 2010

My hometown!

...I am from Charlottesville, Virginia and when I saw a post on Aesthetic Oiseau about this Charlottesville home being featured in Southern Living...

I had to see it- since it is the day after Thanksgiving and I spent this holiday here in Nashville with my husband's wonderful family...I just had to get my fill of my beloved hometown!

So here is a post on a great home in a beautiful area!

The homeowner, Christy Ford, is very talented and owns the store And George in Charlottesville, which I will have to stop by more often when I am in town!  Love her decorating advice...

 "Play Up Your Favorite Color, but Keep the Base Neutral"

“I’m kind of obsessed with blue French opaline glass now,” Christy says. The bright, almost turquoise color can be seen on table lamps and candlesticks in the living room as well as in the entry. “I would go crazy with that color, but I learned from my mother to keep the base neutral in order to let accessories really shine. She has reined me in a little bit to retain the calmness.”

White or off-white walls and slipcovers stay the same even as Christy flirts with new obsessions. “I tire quickly of things,” admits Christy. “I’ve gone through phases with several different colors, so I try to change things up with pillows and throws.” the white slipcovers...and large white mirror in this room...and those pillows!

I can go a little much with I love neutral/white walls, white slipcovers and white furniture mixed in...then plug in some colorful accessories and change it up as you feel like it!

 I think this helped with the home sickness!

Happy Friday!



Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Lovely home and I wish I could have all white furniture, but with 4 cats, a dog and a kid, it is not the best idea for sure! And color makes me so happy!

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I agree! But I have been so surprised that I have loved my white slipcovered sofa so much...I can just wash the cover- so it has been easy to keep clean versus some of my fully upholstered pieces. I love colors too! Take care, Caroline

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous home! And I love Charlottesville, such a lovely city! XX!