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Monday, November 22, 2010

Items that sold...

...this past Saturday at the Gas Lamp Booth!  So happy!

Such as one of the above shells...which I love to use in decorating...or as a place to put your jewelry!
One sold so there are three left at Gas Lamp and one at the Franklin Antique Mall!

...and of the resin bird figurines sold!

...the last sea urchin lamp sold!

...not a great picture...but this wonderful wall metal card holder sold.  

I love it to hold all of the Christmas cards that are about to start rolling in!  It also can be used year-round to hold notes and lots of other items...

...there still should be one left at the Franklin Antique Mall...

...and lastly...
...most of the vintage ornaments in the booth sold...and I had just re-stocked the booth with 15+ ornaments on Friday!  

...a few are left in the Gas Lamp booth and some may be left at The Franklin Antique Mall!

I cannot tell you how fun it is coming in and seeing what people have picked up...and can be sad when I come in and no items have been picked up! 

 It happens both ways- as does everything in life...but luckily and thankfully it has been successful enough for me to gladly keep it going!

I love being able to share this little adventure of my "stores" with you all...because I am actually quite reserved...maybe shy (unless you know me really well) this has been such a nice way for me to share and I thank you for reading!

Happy Monday!!



Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Lovely, lovely stuff! And I totally relate in being shy because I am a complete introvert! I am much more comfortable being alone at home than in a huge crowd and I am rather uncomfortable to share myself, but at the same time I want to.

Unknown said...

Caroline, I'm so happy that you continue to share your love of beautiful things and shop progress with us! I love that bird figurine - sitting atop one of my favorite books!

Thanks for always stopping by and brightening up my day!

xo Elizabeth