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Friday, August 13, 2010

Flair... book order just came in!

Flair by Joe Nye...of course I loved the title, but it is also such a wonderfully illustrated book that showcases how to use "old" things in an updated but classic way for entertaining.

It is also a great guide on all of those pressing entertaining questions and easy to read tips...and how to put entertaining into a wonderful perspective!

...a few excerpts and pictures...

"What my mother taught me is that you don't necessarily have to do anything fancy or complicated to throw a successful gathering.  I believe that anyone can entertain well, if they do it stylishly.  With common sense, some basic knowledge, and a playful spirit, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that's more impressive than one you can buy pre-packaged in a store."

"As a host, it's easy to forget that 'thoughtful' and 'lovely' aren't the same as 'perfect.'  I've seen flowers presented in water pitchers, soup served out of coffee cups, and admired plenty of hand-written, filled-in invitations.  As long as each gesture is done neatly and thoughtfully, I believe it's fine- often even better- if not everything matches, isn't fancy or expensive, and doesn't look as perfect as a display in a store.  Casual is elegant, as long it's not sloppy."

...about his sister's wedding when he was 19 years old:

"We did everything ourselves, it wasn't perfect, not everything matched, and yet I still think of this as one of the loveliest parties I have ever attended.  When I'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and planning I have to do for a gathering, I think of my sister's wedding party to remind myself of how the most wonderful events are not always the most lavish, the ones with the best food, or most expensive flowers.  They are the ones where the host has put in some care and creativity, and so obviously enjoyed everything from the first minute of planning until the very last guest has gone home."

So refreshing to hear that...and can actually be a lesson about more than just entertaining!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Unknown said...

I so agree with this! I hate things that look too "done," a little bit of eclectic is a good thing! XO!