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Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue & White...and pink!

So on Saturday I picked up several small blue & white jars and plates-- I am always inspired by Anna Spiro and just love her use of the blue & white ginger jars-- they add such a fun flair to any room-- especially with pink!

I think I am going to part with them (sad!) since the Franklin Booth needs a lot of new items in it (it is sort of bare right now and I am planning on running by there today)....booth pictures to come soon! try at using them in my living room:)

Happy Monday!



Karena said...

Caroline, beautiful combination. I love the color palette you used!!

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Art by Karena

lisaroy said...

I love the blue&white with the pink as well! Especially those little rose cups on the tray. : )

Marija said...

My favorite combination...pale pink peonies in tradtional blue & white. Love it! Love your little blue & white containers. Do you have a link to your "booth" and sale items?

Unknown said...

i think i have a slight obsession with Anna Spiro's work, so i am loving this post! the flowers are so lovely.
xox alison