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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Flowers!

...I love having fresh flowers in my house...I absolutely do not have a green thumb so keeping any type of flowers alive in the yard is very hard for me! I do try my best, but I keep what we have in the yard/window boxes well within my abilities to maintain!

So I just love buying fresh flowers for the inside of my home and arranging them...

....This is what I wish it looked like in my kitchen as I am arranging...but I think I am a bit messier! favorites are tulips and lilies...but I pick up all kinds of flowers in pink or white shades and usually group the flowers in "like" arrangements (such as all pink tulips in a vase together)...I know sounds boring! But I just love it!

I have always adored these images from one of my favorite books "Thrifty Chic" and wanted to share!

Happy Tuesday!


annechovie said...

Thanks for sharing - I love these beautiful floral images, too. xx

Leah said...

Oh how I love fresh flowers too! These pictures are so beautiful!