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Monday, March 19, 2012


Light Green Ceramic Lamp: $99.00
Quantity: 1

...are sort of like shoes and purses...but for the home!
They can add so much fun and color to a room.

In the store, there are currently several options...all between $99.00- $135.00/each...

Orange Ceramic Lamp $99.00/each
Quantity: 2

Wood Column Lamps: $135.00/each
Quantity: 2

Taupe Resin Lamps: $135.00/each
Quantity: 2

Grey Urn Lamp: $135.00
Quantity: 2

Black Metal Lamps: $135.00/each
Quantity: 2

Happy Monday!

Come see us!

Flair vintage decor
6017 Highway 100
Nashville, TN 37205


Unknown said...

The shop looks amazing! Love the lamps and the rope knots. I'm really so impressed you took the leap. I know you'll be successful with this venture. You're ready!!!!

xo Elizabeth

Illiasteirlinck said...

Great bblog you have