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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Front Door Inspiration...

Pink Persimmon Tumblr via Pinterest

...I would love to re-create the above front door look for our new home!  

I can't believe I am showing this as it needs help...but the below is our current front-door "look"...which is in transition:)

...the candleholders on the ground are what I brought in and don't "go" with it quite yet...but the door will be changing color and the current lighting will be hopefully going exchange for... 

...something that looks like the lanterns in the inspirational image-- hope to find them at a good price soon!  I would love for them to have a slightly oversized look.

Fairfax And Sammons via Pinterest

...I think we will be going for a glossy black door...

BDG Style via Pinterest

...I absolutely adore front doors with some fun color...but don't think I can get away with it in our new home!

Two Birds on a Branch Tumblr via Pinterest

Welcome To Heardmont via Pinterest

I wrote about colorful front doors/shutters here...that I saw on a trip to my favorite city of Charleston

Marcus Design Inc via Pinterest

The new HVAC system started to go in yesterday...the painters have finished prepping the outside of the house and are starting to prime the exterior for actual painting!

..they actually already primed the "portico" in the back...

Once the HVAC system is installed...we will finally start to live there!  It has been quite an experience living in our old home with all of our stuff in the new home!  But we are so excited about our new home!

I am thinking about the entire East Coast and my home states of Virginia and North Carolina right now...

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My Many Moments said...

Love front door inspiration! I just finished painting my front door and I purchased the brass lion knocker as well. I can't wait to share the pictures.

The French Tangerine said...

Painting the door will make a huge difference... can't wait to see. Your new home facade looks just lovely...
I too am thinking about everyone on the east coast! What a mess!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Again, it already looks fabulous, but will look even more polished once you paint it. I love the non-traditional front door colors too, but you can never go wrong with classic black!

The Vintique Object said...

Hey Caroline!

First of all, your photo of your front door is magazine worthy. Just gorgeous. I have to say I love it as is, but I also really adore your inspiration picture and actually repinned it from Rene before visiting you today!

Ashley said...

A glossy black door AND substantial lanterns? Love what you're doing, Caroline! Can't wait to see this grand entrance of yours.