Friday, September 2, 2011

Stair Runners...

via Decor Pad
There are so many options for stair runners (I guest posted about stair runners on The Vintique Object not too long ago)...but I think we have decided to go with the sisal will go with so many different colors/patterns...and will be durable...which is what we need!

I was trying to find a sisal runner with a subtle pattern very similar to the above that a good friend showed me in a design image...I found it at the carpet store....but the pattern was too big for our stairs.

So....we are going with the below!

...and I just have to decide on how to have it bound...

The sisal runner in the image below does not use a binding...I like this...but we have beautiful stairs that deserve to be seen a little...even if they are just peeking out.

The below is not sisal...but the color is very similar and I love the white trim detailing and stools with pink upholstery are always high on my list too!

Suzanne Kasler

...some more inspiration...

via Tokyo Jinja Blog

via Pinterest

...and just a classic patterned look to leave on...

Ashley Whitaker

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone!

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Interior Design Musings said...

It will look fantastic. I am a huge fan of going neutral on the basics and then adding impact with small things. That way if you tire of a trendy look, it won't cost you a fortune to change it. M.

Ashley said...

Oohhh, how will you ever choose?

Have a wonderful weekend, Caroline!