Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I know the summer is coming to an end...but I love a few seashells in a room's decor!  It adds a sense of nature and such a relaxing feeling!  

I found some fun ways to use a few shells in an unexpected way...such as a bookend like above...

...or a way to show off your collections of silver pieces!

...so many types of shells can be used as holders of jewelry or small items...

...and can just make the vignette!

I have a great shell wholesaler...so I keep a good array in the "little store"...

I have written about these before...but just love these shell place-card holders!

...Another great hostess gift, are these shell wine stoppers!

....love a shell mirror as an unexpected touch!

...and anything made of oyster shells like the oyster shell votive holders! 

A few starfish are also nice small pieces to decorate with...

To me, it is always about combining unexpected pieces...and I love mixing in a few shells into any room's decor...such a natural and fun touch!

Take care,

*images via Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

Seashells most definitely create a feeling of peace and this collection of shells you have is no different =) The oyster votive holder is gorgeous, I would love to have one of those in my home! Have a great week Caroline! Xoxoxo