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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few new pictures...

Capiz shell votive holders: $4.00/each
White ceramic bird bowls: $12.00/each
Starfish: $2.50/each

This morning I took some pictures from around the the grey and pink in the above image!

Grey Metal Console: $310.00 (on Hold)
White ceramic pagodas: Sold
Grey Geometric Round Mirror (34"D): $225.00

Coral: $14.00/each
Gardenia scented candles in a vintage-style glass containers: SOLD
Capiz shell votive holders: $4.00/each

Round Ring Mirror (D: 37.5"): $165.00 (1 left)

Shells: $2.50/each
Blue glass tray: $16.00 (this pattern has sold out, but there are more blue patterns available)
Gardenia scented candles in a vintage-style glass container: SOLD
Ceramic Bird Bowl: $12.00/each

Metal Geometric Mirror (38"D): SOLD
Resin lamps in taupe: $99.00/each
Vintage Reader Digest Book: $4.00/each
Pink Bird Journal: $10.00/each
Capiz shell votive holder: 4.00/each

Grey Geometric Round Mirror (D: 34"): $225.00
Chartreuse Bird Journals: $10.00/each
Capiz shell votive holders: $4.00/each
Mirrored tray: $16.00
Orange shells: $2.50/each

Happy Tuesday!

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Unknown said...

New follower here! so glad to find you and your beautiful collections..