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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey Nashville...some things on Craigslist!

Click {here} for the listing on this mod glass coffee table...perfect especially for smaller living rooms...or a traditional room in which you need to add a "twist" to it!

It is a "make me an offer" price is unlisted...but it could be a great buy! I don't buy used upholstered furniture to use "as is" (I will have it re-upholstered and will never re-sell unless it is re-upholstered) ... since I don't know where it has been....but this fabric pattern is quite intriguing to me...and at $40.00 this sofa has a great line to it...and at this low price you can easily have it re-upholstered!

Click {here} for the listing...

Happy Saturday!


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